Name one time you overcame a fear

Joining the V2 community today, I decided I want to start a topic. What is a fear that you have overcome?

Personally, I remember one specific instance where I overcame a fear. For my entire life, I have been scared to try new things. Whether it be making new friends, visiting new places, or taking new classes, I still do not know where this came from, but my guess would be anxiety. This fear went away on its own, fortunately. There are many other instances of overcoming fear in my life, but this is a notable one.

Bonus topic: Name one fear you have developed over the years.


i was afraid of water i remember when i was about the age of 8 i decided to overcome my fear and i started my swimming classes hehe thats it.
edited : for real i don’t know.

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I have always struggled with depression and such. I was always scared to talk about it because I thought it’d make me seem weaker, ya know?

But one of my friends killed himself and that was a wake up call. I’ve overcome my fear, got proper help, and now actually run a “Anti-Depression club” in my High school. I am a senior, so it’s always nice to be able to help some of the younger kids get help. I hope that through overcoming that fear and being open to talking about it to and with people I can help others.


I used to be terrified of heights. Like to the point where I couldn’t even watch if we were crossing a bridge. Idk it just kind of faded over time lol.

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I used to be afraid that the toilet would come alive and try to eat me while I was pooping. Luckily I realized that they only do that when the lights are off so I just keep the lights on now and I’m safe

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I held a cricket -ugh I still hate them though

Killed a giant spider in my basement, so that made me amped up

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My fear of rollercoasters. Didn’t take one till I was a senior in high school.