Name Idea: Twig


i know what you’re thinking. i rolled my eyes too when i thought about it. i think this would be a fitting title as it is short and catchy and it is similar to its predecessor (as it’s 4 letters long) but it stands on its own.



Name idea: v2


I think there should be some sort of name poll when the app gets closer to release, if V2 is a placeholder.


I thought you were talking about a username :joy:

V2 better

  • twig
  • v2

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Or let’s just not have a name. I’m pretty sure on the app store you need some limit of alphanumeric symbols in the app’s name title but maybe @Dom could pull some strings and this app could actually not have a name at all

so people will ask me what im making with my phone

what do i say?

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Just stare into their eyes, connect with their souls, and then they will understand.


i dont want to go to jail or get beat up, any alternatives?

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If you get beat up or thrown in jail, it’s because they don’t understand and you will be remembered as a martyr for the cause. :heart:


I do like V2. Instead of calling it what Twitter calls it and add a 2 after. We should just stick to V2. It’s clean and simple. Twig is a good idea but I prefer V2.


what about “Root”? Root is symbolic on so many levels in the digital/computer nerd world as well as in the physical world…the basis of all things, the foundation. A powerful noun. Also could stand for the active verb “root for your favorite video on Root!” I see a lot of potential with Root.


And I’m new here so wasn’t sure if I should just reply or create new topic so did both so my good idea doesn’t just get lost in the chatter. Cheers!

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you used the forbidden word :angry:

bUt nO

v2 ftw

the name is not meant to be linked to the previous app, but the name should still stay symbolic.

PLUS A LOT of things have already been settled with the name.

sorry, didn’t mean any harm…didn’t know the history. innocent mistake. thanks for understanding.

it was @TheKingHusker ,not you.

sorry for the confusion lol.

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Blockquote lol

i mean the name is not a bad idea, its just not meant to be for this app.

plus its probably already copyrighted.