Name idea: Grapevine?

I know you guys want to make something completely new, but this would bring in all of the old fans again as well. I kinda like the name Grapevine or GrapeVine idk just a thought


:thinking: interesting… I can’t say that I approve but hey at least you have an idea which is more than I’ve got haha :joy:

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Grapevine is already a thing. It’s a platform to get brand deals.

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I like the name “V2”. It has sort of a futuristic feel to it.


me too. it rolls of the tongue and is kinda fun to say

just have it be vine and make the logo purple
like a purple vine

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It should probably not have anything with the word vine in it to distance itself from Vine

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As Dom said himself or similar to it V2 is its own thing , Vine is owned by Twitter and he does not want it to be connected in any way

I think its a good idea, but what about Vitis, its just synonym for Grapevine :slight_smile:

There’s already a place somewhere called the grapevine. I think it’s a restaurant.

Iknow V2 is just kind of a filler name for rn… but I like the idea of calling it V2

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I’ve already said this. LOL

Damn naming the app is harder than I thought…inb4 Dom already has got a killer name ready n locked in

I think it’s a bit too similar to Vine and there could be copyright issues. then again it’s not a bad name

(version2) Ver.2 = V2, that would be cool ver2

this is cool if it doesn’t become an app name it could be a section where small creators are featured to get them exposure