Name for the videos and creators of v2?

Seconders?? Sounds silly though, lmao

hahsauhaufhaf im dying on the suggestions here

i like V2ers, viners, deucers, vinesters, v-toos

Lol at some of the ideas.

I do like V2ers but we’ll have to wait and see what catches on with everyone as the time goes.

Why not loops? That leaves no room for trademark.
“ V2. A place to share your loops with friends and family all over the world.”


I’m down with that

I think v2s is a good thing to call them. And ducers sounds pretty cool.

It’s actually good…

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Thankyou! :heart:

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How about V2 artists? It sounds professional enough and dom already called us artists?

I feel like vees is a pretty good name for the ‘vines’ and 2ers is good for the artists. @dom are there any official ideas

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I think dom said that the term is “Artists”.

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Just found it, it’s right here: Regarding Artists & Creators

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Pardon the comparison to the Forbidden App here, but personally I like the idea of calling the ‘vines’ v2s or loops, as another commenter suggested, (they both seem to flow really well) and the, uh, ‘viners’ could just be called artists, I guess. Of course having a brand-specific name for the posters would be cool (like YouTubers or Instagrammers or whatever) it could just be something basic like artist or poster.

Videos = Vines/posts
Users = Viners/Refugees

Whoops, forgot about that official post. So yeah, artists, then.

Oh yeah! Thank you so much!

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I feel like “loop” makes the most sense but idk. ducers sounds like a slang for poop tbh lmao so I’m not the biggest fan of that one


“loops” is for sure the best idea here.


Had to come back to this because I just thought of something - if the posts are called v2s, then when you repost something it could be called a re2. Like, you re2 a v2. It sounds funnier if you say it out loud uhhh moonwalks out


Horticultural climbing plants -ers

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