My vision for the future!

As myself, I am going to do the absolute best to acquire an audience that can help me change the world. Many people generally want fame for the “clout” aspect of it. I see change. They see their favorite content creators driving exotic and luxurious cars while living in the Hollywood Hills and want a piece of the action. I personally had a change in that mindset around Christmas when I started growing a personal Instagram page. YAY STORY TIME!

I began establishing relationships with many people on Instagram that I did not even slightly envision having a conversation with months ago. I was one day randomly put in a group chat with a TEDx speaker who was being harassed for having a physical disability, dwarfism. I was friends with a few of the people in the group chat, at the time, and put it to an immediate end to harassment. After the incident, the TEDx speaker sent me a message thanking me for standing up for him. I later explained how I used to be harassed and bullied daily at school even to a point where I had to transfer schools. I told him how much I hated bullying because of what I had experienced throughout the entirety of middle school. After talking, he helped me to realize that I could be even more of someone by sharing how I overcame those problems that I used to face.

Now, I am a relatively popular person in high school due to maturing and having a major “glow up”. I KNOW that I have the ability to establish that audience because I have a set of unique/likeable qualities. After I create an audience through funny videos, I plan to spread my passion for change. I am going to tell people that self-harm, drugs, or fretting over the situation it is NOT the solution to the problem. People need to understand that society has messed up individuals in it. Proper management of a situation and inspiration can stop this once and for all. I do not want anyone to experience what I dealt with for many years.
I am hoping that forum members will get early access to the beta app itself so I can get a jumpstart on my dream.

Does anyone else have a similar goal?

(if you read all this, i love you)


Omg me too! Its heartbreaking to see how some people ignore this, even tho problems like these are common. Amen to that :heart::heart:

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There is no eliminating bullying, but you can control how much fuel is put on the fire. People struggle hoping they meet “societies norms” when they are completely normal. Having confidence is the key to lessening the problem.

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Society is a double standard b*tch. One day youre flawless, the next day they claim you look like a wet chicken nugget. I say that people should stop focusing on what society says and should start focusing on whats important


YEEEEEEEESSSSS. THAT’S THE ATTITUDEEEEEE. i say that a lot but whatever. Broooo, I’ve got a similar goal. First of all I don´t want to do this (the comedic short vids) just for Fame, if at the end of the journey that happens it would be a fun and an interesting experience, however my main goal is to make people from all around the world happier for at least 6 seconds almost everyday. My Second goal is the one you just mentioned; change. I’m a true believer of the idea that we are the only ones who can modify our reality and our world. YES, We are capable of changing the world. YES, we are capable of being a big and a good Impact on society and i want to be part of that. (sorry if there’s a grammar mistake)

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Great story!! I hope the best for you and can’t wait to see your content!!

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this is great. Shares some of my thoughts as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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We go to school to learn, not to enter some beauty competition which will put us in the popular “ranking” and we don’t go there to get bullied. Many schools say that they have a strict bullying policy, but honestly, that’s not the case - they turn a blind eye. We should be able to feel happy and safe in school. It’s great that you stood up for the guy though.

I completely agree, constantly worrying about being socially accepted in school can impact you as well. It is all you can think about while you’re there. My grades shot up once I was accepted and well liked.

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PREACCCH hopefully one day you could achieve ur goals

Thanks man, it means a lot