My videos are being taken down?

Not sure if this should be in Bug Reports or General Discussion but;

A couple days ago a team member of mine posted a video a user submitted to be posted and the user contacted us last night saying when it was going to be posted. I checked and the video was gone, so I went ahead and posted it today and within 20 minutes of posting it, it was gone.

I’m unsure if the videos are being taken down because of “Stolen Content” but when submitting videos to my team users grant us legal ownership over the specific clip (as stated in our terms on our website) and give us the right to post the clip to any social medias with or without credits (we always give credits though).

I’m coming to the forums to see if anyone else is having this issue or if it’s just me and I need to contact Byte’s email.

Ague (@ague) is a Team Managed account that is ran by Hyposent.

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