My V2 App Vertical Design Idea

I made this for fun and what do you guys think?

1- The circle thumbnail once clicked will open to the full video.

  • On the right there are:
    the Views = Vs
  • On the left:
    The Profile
    Didn’t know where to put the option button.
  • Once open the app will show the video display like this (I combined my idea with @alx idea.

My design:
Once opened, alx idea:

This is for reference only.


I also know about the fonts, they’re bad xD.

Also, I accidentally put “comments” in Spanish. Ignore that.

I don’t think this will work as I heard @Dom was looking at making videos horizontal. Tye app layout designs look interesting though.

He’s making them vertical. But he mentioned that he was thinking about making them square again.

Man you have cool ideas, do you write dom? Maybe they need some kind of guys like you


He won’t be looking at this… I think, but this is for you and the forum, so we keep this forum up and we entertain ourselfs on the meantime.

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Bumping xx

This is still really good, what do you use to design (if you don’t mind me asking)?

Adobe Photoshop. But I’m a mess… I learned by myself.

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Nah, you’re pretty good for someone who’s self taught!

I learned how to use Illustrator a couple years back, but I haven’t made anything for a while…

Is that what you wanna do? Graphic design?

Say… How long did it take to make the home page?

It looks like

No, I’m not. I’m a electrical engineer student, Just like to do designs when bored. I like to learn how to use different programs for different things.

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Really? I don’t use so I don’t know its layout.

Good layout, I feel that this could look a lot better if the thumbnail fits the whole box and the features were on top with a transparent background and a different font was used. But overall I can see where your idea is going. Good job! :+1:

Thanks. Yeahhh this is for reference only. Like they can work with it and change it all if they ever watch it.

Its the way that the video viewing part is set up… It looks a bit like Screenshot_2018-01-29-19-31-18

Ohh. But that’s not mine. I took that part from another person from this forum and combined mine with his.

I think that you should put the views and likes and stuff in a less obvious place. It just feels like the content isn’t the main focus in the design