My V*** adventure and some ADHD thoughts on the future

So Vine completely changed my life. I started grabbing clips using my phone from my TV and people actually liked the weird old video I was dredging up. I decided to learn how to edit a bit and started gaining what I considered to be a totally unexpected following on Vine. But much more than the # of followers that came my way I appreciated the sense of community and excitement during those early years. I met some of my current meatspace best friends through that process. I learned a ton about myself and what I should be doing both personally and professionally. That was all before what I consider to be a series of unfortunate business decisions, mostly on the part of twitter, ruined the fun for all of us.

Since the time of Vine I’ve moved over to Instagram and have had a fairly decent time there, but it is not the same. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where that magic came from and how to get it back. I think part of it was in the restraint. Only having six seconds forced you into a strangely shaped box. Having constraints forces a creative person to make decisions about what they produce. When I was on Vine I would agonize over my captions, because I knew I only had one chance. I forced video into 6 seconds and still tried to tell a story (really 6.2 but who’s counting). Part 1 of the magic was that limitation.

Part 2 of the magic was the virtuous and sometimes abused Revine. It was through revines that I got my first traction on the platform. Once I had a following myself I was very deliberate in who and when I revined people. If you revined too much you were a spammer who wouldn’t get any actual human followers. If you were tactical in your revines you can drive attention toward accounts that have done really cool shit. I loved having that ability and I hate that Instagram doesn’t let you do it.

I’m sure I know many of you on here and I’d love to reconnect. I miss Vine dearly and can’t wait to have it back in my life, in some form or another.



My experience with Vine was similar. Most importantly, I found several talented, clever, funny and (most importantly) kind people all gathered in one place that were there to be creative, experiment and play. Finding like-minded individuals can be a rare occurrence, and it was overwhelmingly satisfying to find so many in such a short period of time.

As long as we have a friendly sandbox to play in, I think V2 has a chance at cramming lightning in a bottle a second time.