My Top 10 Animated Movies List


Ily, annam.

  1. Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is one of my favorite recent installments to Disney movies. It’s beautiful, It’s fun, the enviroment is extremely pretty, and I enjoy this movie overall. Hiro goes through a lot of struggles after he loses his brother, and finds his brothers experiment, Baymax, who is an absolutely lovable character. The stories message is overstated in the beginning, but it brings you along a very fun adventure, but still doesn’t stay away from its original topic. You fall in love with the characters, and you end up loving every deep moment in it, atleast that is my opinion.

  1. Kubo and the Two Strings

Mmm, LAIKA Animations are the gods of claymation. I can’t stress how much I would reccomend this movie to anyone who wants to see… well, anything. This movie is beautiful, it’s dark, it’s insanely creative, and the fight scenes are probably one of the best fight scenes i’ve ever seen, and when you think about how much they put into this movie, it just makes it so much better. I don’t even wanna spoil any part of the story because I want everyone to see this movie without a single clue whats gonna happen, because I didn’t, and I ended up absolutely enjoying myself.

  1. Lilo And Stitch

I remember seeing the fun and exciting trailers for this movie and loving them every time… OHANA MEANS GOD DAMN FAMILY OKAY?! I don’t know how anyone could love this cult following of a beautiful movie, and who hasn’t seen it also? I watched all three last night and enjoyed each one. This movie is charming, cute, fun, exciting, and I still feel bad for the guy with the ice cream. He deserved better.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon 2

This movie is… insanely good. It runs like an actual action movie, but because its animated, its insanely beautiful. Unlike most movies, it continues to throw you curveballs, and you actually worry for the characters in these movies. Nothing can top the action in this movie in this remarkable serie- oh frick wait.

  1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

I already made a review about this movie, but I will repeat somethings I said. I cried, most definitely. This movie knows how to ends a series, and it does so ever so beautifully.

I accidently pressed the post button, fml. Im not finished with this so… ill finish it in post ig.

  1. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This movie is a lot of fun, and I insanely enjoy it. This is a type of movie if they made a live adaptation of, it would probably not go south, because it already would have alot of working elements to make it into a live adaptation. The scenery is beautiful, the adventure is EPIC, and not to mention, Kida was like my first crush ever so like, theres also a major reason why I love this movie.

4: Wreck- It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is extremely charming, extremely colourful, and extremely funny. Just like all of these movies, they can make you laugh pretty easily. Not to mention, who knew Sarah Silverman could pull off a really cute character. I love her so much, and I really think the message is different but nice. It’s something I rarely see, and I really enjoyed it, and you would too if you somehow have not seen this movie.

  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This movie is the definition of disney’s beautiful hand drawn animations. Its too good, and the music is too good, the visuals are too good. The characters are too good. NOT TO MENTION, Frollo is the most insane villain of all time. He literally has a song saying if he cant have the ‘gypsie’ all to herself to do the nasties with, he WILL BURN DOWN ALL OF PARIS. what a creepy, insane guy who I hate to enjoy. Sadly, they are remaking this, and the way disney makes villains, im sure theyll make frollo look super hot because thats what jafar is apparently to alot of articles. Thanks, Disney.

  1. The Iron Giant

What a crazy movie. Crazy in all the right ways, and entertaining in all the right ways, with a beautiful message, with beautiful animation, and beautiful characters. It is really entertaining, and the story will make you smile all the way through and laugh, except for the climax… the climax will make you cry… Superman.

  1. Treausre Planet

Perfection, in almost every way. Disney tried drowning this movie out, but it’s gained a cult following of people who want more, and I definitely would want more. This movie is AMAZING! Every bit of it I LOVE! You can feel for alot of characters, and you can understand the struggles of the characters at the same time! One thing I noticed watching this over was how Jim’s clothes change from dark to lighter colors, endicating how his life has changed for the better, and he is much happier, and I love that little detail. This movie makes everything great, and everything about it is beautiful. I gush over this movie each time I see it. Please rent it if you want to see this, I strongly reccomend it. Please. Mega pls :frowning:

Sorry my last couple movies I went into detail less, I wouldnt have if my fat fingers didn’t press the fricken send message (major rip) but yeah those are my favorite animated movies, i hope you enjoyed :slight_smile:


I’ve seen all but Kubo. Might have to check it out :sunglasses:

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