My thoughts on v2 being postponed i guess

I think its great that people are still active on this forum but dom made it sound like this postponing is more like a cancelled unless something changes. It was, in my opinion, very immature to announce that you are creating an app with extremely high demand and not even think about how you are going to fund it. I do not believe the other things he is working on will be as successful as V2 would’ve been but I respect his decision. Because he does not have money to fund this app and he does not feel like looking for investors or making this his priority, it honestly sounds like V2 will be a scrapped project for a very long time, so I’m honestly not going to be keeping up with the forums. V2 being postponed shouldn’t discourage you though. If you truly want to create content there should be nothing stopping you. Even though it is easier to garner a following on a new platform and instagram and youtube or very choosy on who they promote, you should still put your work out there. Thanks for reading this.
Cheers :slight_smile:


I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but in Dom’s defence, he didnt know the amount of attention the tweet would get. He doesn’t want the split attention with investors because it would mean that he won’t be in full control of the app.

well, It was great having you here! If you ever decide to come back and hangout, we will welcome you with open arms! We hope you make it and live a great life!


You’re right, he should’ve thought it through before taking such a big leap

preach my dude