My thoughts on Byte

I’ve been upset by a lot that’s been happening in the news the past week. I specifically fear how social media is silencing various and sundry users. That’s how tyranny begins. It’s frightening.

Then I come to Byte, and it’s like a day at the beach. Or lunch in a cafe in a medieval city in the hills of France. Or a Blue Man Group concert.

I’m thankful I have a place to get lost in other’s creativity, to laugh, to be wowed.

Most of my posts are really messages to myself that I share. They remind me that there are people who have insights into common issues, and found a simple solution for them. Like touching a railing when crossing a rickety bridge :grin:.

Today once again, I can put the real world disturbances behind me, because I viewed some funny bytes, some beautiful ones, some artistic ones, and it gave me some breathing room to just enjoy what makes me happy.

Thanks, Byte creators!


I was listening to this while reading, and i really felt this post. your analogies are vivid and refreshing and i completely understand what you tried to say. seeing this post, like the bytes you saw, was refreshing lol. thank you for it very much. you’ve also made my day better.

Thanks for your comments. I’m glad to have shared with you. The music is so cinematic! Makes everything larger than life! Keep smiling :grin::two_hearts:

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