My theory on V2 "fake" app

I just sat down for a bit and thought about all the people who want to have acces to the V2 beta version…
And then the idea that this V2 app, that we call “the fake one” could be eventually the beta version, everybody’s talking about, crossed my mind!

But there’s only a chance of 34% that I’m saying the actual truth…

What do you guys think? lmk

Let’s get an expert trust level user to change this to off-topic.

why though?

I do not think that is possible, I would be harming the final product of Dom

  1. This should be changed to off-topic
  2. The actual chances are around 3%

Possible, we just need more hard evidence

But it doesn’t explain the fake publicity from the fake Dom accounts, which would lead me to say otherwise

the chance of this is closer to 0% :slight_smile:


Thanks for clearing this up Dom

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i’m pretty honored that my post was noticed by the master! GOAL is COMPLETE

I really don’t think that’s the case

It definitely isn’t but that’s a cool theory lol

Exactly what I said.