My Social Media’s b4 the rush

Hello there, all the new friends that I have made in the past few days of being on this forum. Since this is the 'Promote Yourself" area, I’m gonna throw mine in for a little bit… Like before the mass influx of people that will join tomorrow, I just want to go follow/add all the amazing people I have met. If I ever talked to you, and you want me to add you just comment your stuff below and I’ll follow you! I love you all!

Here’s my stuff:

SC - C.Prewitt

(Random Side Note: This is the first thing I’ve actually written on the forum that wasn’t a comment… sad… right XD)

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just followed ur twitter hmu w a follow back my @ is jenqom

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Aww thanks :blush:

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anytime fam

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Here is mine, If you take a look at my content you can see I’m prepared to make some excellent videos!


Here’s mine

Meme Instagram

@Xtian I followed you your feed look pretty solid

Thank you!!! I’ll be sure to follow you back! :slight_smile: