My School's Having V*** Jeopardy?

Yo so I just wanted to say that my school is having a Vine jeopardy and everyone in my grade knows that I love vines and memes (I have an Instagram account with 166k) - so I will participate. Hopefully it will get recorded and if it does, I will give a tribute to Dom. Maybe I do like highschool… I hope I can try to create a meme club. Also if you’re wondering- I am a freshman.


Become the Meme President for 2020 :us:


that’s the goal. all of life will feel as good then.

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Omg update us on how you do!

cool! what’s your insta

Be sure to spread the word about the new app!! That sounds like a lot of fun!! Meme club sounds incredible

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Good luck with that, keep telling us how you’re doing!

That sounds awesome !! Let us know how it was!

Hey @jennifer! Can you tell me your IG profile name? I like memes!

I am not lying. That is currently the account I am growing.

And yeah, my school is having a Vine Jeopardy tyvm

@kinsey get on here and vouch for me!! :(:grin:

gooooo jenn

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Dang my school don’t even have a meme day I’m jealous :joy:

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Mine either, don’t know why not though

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Schools suck; they don’t want ‘immaturity’ to disrupt the learning experience, or they think they’re stupid (I’m talking school superintendents and atupid policy, not principals or teachers)

Same thing with college, but we could organize a meme day if we wanted and have a bunch of people on board

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then why don’t you go on and tell us what your famous IG acc is?

:wink: 8 char

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rekt?? jk jk

I’m following already!! Great content