My School extended their School opening date until may 1st

they just announced this today. and i am sure all of the schools are extending this or moving to online for the rest of the semester (example of this Mineral Area College my local college i am going to when i graduate from high school moved online)

But from all this Stay Safe out there everyone


Stay safe out there and healthy!


wow, stay safe



thanks @Stonks


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Weird all the schools where i am have decided to finished the school year now. Therefore no graduation or no exams but just completely end it whilst all college and universities went to having online classes until the end of the school year instead. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Some of the schools in my area have decided to move to online classes until may while the college i am going to after i graduate moves online for the whole semester.

Curious, but how do they handle AP exams for the year then? Did you guys already take it?

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