My scary dream

For the past few nights, I have tried to have lucid dreams. The opposite happened recently. Two or three nights ago, I had a scary moment in a dream that I was in the haunted tunnel with FaZe Rug and Anthony. There was creepy moaning coming from behind us. It was the same moaning from a previous video. It was terrifying that it got closer and closer. At one point we saw a silhouette of someone in a manhole. It was terrifying.


I had a scary dream that the donut supply got cut off… Scariest dream ever.

All jokes aside, are you ok?

P.s. My dream was real lol


I haven’t had a dream in so long, or maybe I do but can never remember :man_shrugging:


I am okay. that dream sounds scary


I once dreamed everyone I knew was trying to kill me. Wasn’t exactly scary but it reaffirmed some fears and deep anxieties I have.

if you think thats scary try doing crack cocaine