My role model

@nina is deffo the best creator on the app in my own personal opinion.

You’re my 2nd role model. Katherine McNamara has to be up there at #1 sorry


She was great in the Shadowhunter show.

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Especially Nina

Oh my gosh!! This is so sweet, thank you so so much for such a kind post - it seriously means so much to me! Whats your username? I wanna check your stuff out!


For a second I thought you were moop.


Same :joy_cat:

Hi Nina. I don’t make content , I work within media buying and affiliate marketing. I sometimes grow niche pages such as @memeshop on Byte at the moment.

However I don’t produce content. Social media for me is a career that’s paying very well for me. However through media buying and not as a creator. Maybe one day I’ll start up my own account and produce some content ! Until then it’s only a job.

However , you’re a fav of mine ! I think you’re deffo the best on Byte and I dare say you’re the best by far. Didn’t see anyone reaching the same level as you yet !