My Problem With Follow For Follow

I get that, people want fans and build up their Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. However, the people who are doing this aren’t going to be your real fans. No better than paying for bots. Just go out there, release content, promote it by being social on the platforms, and give the market what it wants if it’s not working in your favor. Post your thoughts below on this topic


I wouldn’t worry about follow for follow too much. The only positive outcome is a follower count increase and no real fans. It’d look kinda dumb to have a thousand followers with 90 views.


follow for follow accounts generally look really desperate. I’ve never really understood it because if you post good content people will follow you regardless


Thank you my friend for saying that. It doesn’t matter if you need followers to grow your insta profile. Be authentic, since that is why instagram took out the likes featue. “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get” by Instagram. Just post some unique content that attracts viewers, they will automatically drawn to your attention.

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I personally don’t mind them, because follow count combined with no views or activity on their work doesn’t equal success. It’s not that deep, I just let them be lol.


@AIexander my mans if you driving how you like this?

i fear for our friends lives. first the “drifting off, head in space” now this


What’s your snapchat add for add?


rebyte for rebyte anyone?

get ready to hear that soon^


follow for follow leaves the sub count hollow

i made that up yeeet that’s epic


I agree that follow for follow aren’t actually going to work if you’re about that success. And yea, people should step up their content if they want to gain dedicated followers. But I don’t really mind. I’m not a “market yourself” kind of person. I’m all for fun idk


I hadn’t even thought of that possibly going down on Byte. I would feel like I was bribing people to “enjoy” my content. Honestly gonna have a heart attack when I get my first follower :joy::joy:


Holy snap im exposed


Clout is a drug. Lol I get why people do that…


Content being good isn’t good enough if you’re money aint increasing. At the end of the day it’s always better to be first. Hence if we all put the work in, we can all make it. Imagine if we had all been on IG when it first came, posted once a week till right now. Our followings woud be huge just based on being first

In my opinion it’s not just about that, but also collecting the right information. 1000 e-mails, phone numbers, and/or FB Messenger contacts is more valauble than a million followers on IG. I’ll save that rant for another topic

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I’m signing you up to a major record deal now just based on those flows :laughing:

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I get the fun part, but you can make it. If this is the next vine, then we just have to be first and post content on a regular basis and we all can win

Don’t let the fame get to ya :laughing:

isn’t it gonna be “reboost for reboost”?

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What fame​:joy::joy:

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