My “Oh No, This Aint A Good Movie”List (part 1)

Might as well get these out of the way, because i love talking about bad movies. Lets do this, also I have some contorversial hated movies, just saying. SOME SPOILERS, but I also reccomend never seeing these movies. So… are they REALLY?


The Greatest Showman
LETS MAKE THIS CLEAR THAT THE MOVIE HAS ONE OF THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS EVER… but (here is the but) I would never watch it again, mostly because of how historically innacurate it is. PT Barnum was not a good guy if you actually read up the history about him, and the movie is very lackluster when it comes to scripts and actual story telling, but thats hidden by the music. If you take out the music, the movie is very just bland. Also the CGI looks atrocious, but is it my most hated? By far, no. Its a movie I personally hate that I still jam to that soundtrack.

The Cloverfield Paradox
When you can predict a plot twist 20 minutes into a movie, it is not good. Not to mention they just added ‘cloverfield paradox’ to get some fuckin clicks. Its like clickbait, but for movies!

Woody Woodpecker

Oh fuck off please. I don’t even wanna talk about this shit bird shit case of a shit movie. This will make no sense if you didnt watch this terrible movie, but woody the woodpecker is a dick, huge asshole, literally deserves no sympathy in this movie. Heck this movie.

The Emoji Movie
Im not explaining myself, alright?

Despicable Me 3
Im suprised 90% of this list isnt 90% of all Illumination movies. But hey, this waa a cashgrab wasnt it? And a shitty one it was. There was a point where all the minions were in jail and I was happy but nooo, they break out, and ruin everything like Germany during most of the 20th century. Not to mention I liked NOTHING about this movie! Everything was just bland and bad and sad, I even started to hate Steve Carrell in this movie. Just heck this movie in every W A Y.

Yo this movie shit bruv. Like. Full on shit. Made no sense, just dumb as shit bruv. Fuck it. Ryan didnt die for this. Fuck it, dont see this. Dont make the same mistake I did.

Beauty and The Beast
“Oh He dIdNt LiKe BeAuTy AnD tHe BeAsT?!” Yeah I hated THIS movie. Beauty and The Beast original? I love that one! This is like a live adaptation on NETFLIX FOR HELL SAKES! I mean THE SCRIPT IS ALREADY THERE just watch the damn movie! I dont think people went in to see Beauty and the Beast to see how they FINALLY fix up all those scenes that didn’t need fixing or changing. I literally turned it off 40 minutes in because I was so bored by all of this. Some live adaptations shouldnt be made, and that is because the original was great because of the animation. THIS THO? Dont ever do it again, but you will, because, cashgrab disney.

The Shack

Somehow, a christian movie about shoving the belief that god does everything for a reason and you shoul ove him for that, I always find a movie like that ‘eh’. Im not religious, I think that people have religion in their lives for multiple reasons, and let that be I dont mind it unless if its being shoved down your throat. I ended up getting deepthroated by it. Being this movie was too long for its own good and constantly shoving it down while being a home depot commercial, it was just boring, and they tried tearjerking you EACH SCENE which when you do that too much, it’s so stupid! I EVEN CRIED WATCHING CLICK OVER THIS because what they did was they had a big dramatic scene about it, not 20 scenes why you should be crying right now. Adam Sandler dying made me feel more emotion because it did it right. I get what this movie is trying to do, but they do it so awfully and too much… but hey, jesus was hot. A half star for that.

Part 2 whenever I write that up will be up soon. Woohoo.


The Shack is ok, not overly good, watched in RE, has some redeeming qualities.



Amen brother

I am TrIgERreD I love about half of these movie :joy_cat:

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i watched the emoji movie twice in one day which i would not recommend
the first time was whatever but the second time was just awful


i love the greatest showman (as u know)

but yeah i read up a lot on the real facts about the story after i watched it and it was crazy different. zac efrons character and zendaya’s don’t even exist!
hollywood tends to do that a lot.


The Shack was meh imo but my parents loved it.

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I’ve seen like two of these… that’s a good thing right?

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Which two?

Greatest Showman and Beauty and the Beast

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The Shack? Judging from the photo and the title alone, it seems like it should be more of a horror movie- let alone a Christian movie? I have zero idea what it’s actually about and have only heard of it in this post

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dude i really like the amazing showman, and i thought it was great!!! even if something is historically inaccurate, gs still managed to tell its own compelling narrative and get you hooked (or at least me lol). also i thought the soundtrack was kinda mediocre, so we’re on opposite ends here :\

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This atrocity and its sequel…