My Oevo ;)

If y’all wanna be an an engagement group. Hmu…I’mma add y’all on insta dm group

I’ll follow y’all too! :smile:

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I just now joined Oevo, and my name on there is @melonfrosty

I’m there as chabe, follow me

Ey add me too IG: dank_prince_of_asia (same name on oevo)

If you get tired of the lack of quality or lokk forward for an upgrade:

@annamh on Oevo!

Followed :slight_smile:

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hi, my oevo is @dejourwho
(: you guys should join the instagram engagement group we have going.

Thanks! :heart::heart:

Followed as well, follow me back pls (:

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Will do :slight_smile:

Mine is “jb4893”. Will be following anyone who follows back :slight_smile:

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I got u bro

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I’m going to give this a try, at least. My username is chuck_savilla2


Is anybody else having trouble “Following” anyone on Oevo??? I have followed a handful of you on there, but none will stay Followed on my Profile.

@DatKidMolly I got it to work, but I had to go on someone else’s profile, click their Following/Followers and select them that way. Makes sense for a Work in progress App.

Omg can’t believe I’m not following you. Followed ya back

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@DatKidMolly Oh, ok. Yeah, give it a try like that on your phone, when you have the space for it :+1: Hope it gets working for you​:100:

@Reallyahmed lol No worries man. I just created it yesterday, and I’ve been trying to Follow you on it since I created it lol Finally worked it out, I think lol Thank you for the follow back man💯

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