My New Song: Boys Get Sad Too

Hey guys. I was wondering since everyone is here. Could you please take the time out to listen to my new song? It holds a very special place in my heart because boys are often told they " can’t " cry or it isn’t " manly " to cry. In this song I completely dismiss that claim. It’s still kinda rough but i’m currently working with what I have. Im open to any feedback. Thank you for your time! Post your songs here as well. Im interested to hear.

boys can cry too:


I like it . i get a gnash kind of vibe from this. I kinda wish you wouldve said the name of the song in the song. (im a sucker for that). Some parts i thought u would say it but u didnt and it surprised me cos i thought i could predict the lyrics.


wow, this is great! i rlly like it!!!


Changed to promote yourself


this is really really nice. i vibe with ya. i don’t like the ‘boys can’t cry’ thing either, it’s messed up. everyone should feel normal feelings and cry if they need to without being judged.

you did good.


thank you ! and I called it that because I seen a lot of posts online saying it’s not “ manly “ for boys to cry. So, I kinda made this song to combat those claims. Of course it’s ok for everyone to cry, but with boys, it’s seemed to look more down upon.

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