My name is Nathan Dupessey... I'm a content creator!

I make about 3 videos every week on instagram, go and sheck them out!
You will not be disapointed !

IF some of you want to collab… be more than welcome !

FUTURE V2 content creator

New video:

Nice, do you speak french? I saw the symbol over the u and recognized something

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Yes, I am french !

Nice my parents are!

Your videos seems to be Great, ill follow you when ill be on phone. Good Luck for V2.

Thanks !

For real ! So cool !

Do you speak a little french then ? :joy:

oui! just small french, nothing big. I used to be fluent and had an accent but that embarrassed me when I was younger so now I am 14 and could barely talk french

Good luck with that!

It’s a shame…

Sympa tes videos! I just followed you. I create content as well, but looking to make more videos as I focus on text mainly. :movie_camera:

What is your insta ?