My Journey

So as I mentioned earlier I’ll be trying out other apps, posting my videos on those platforms and see how they do. Currently I’ll be trying out Musically for a week and will be posting daily journal/updates on my progress.580b57fcd9996e24bc43c52c

Day 1:
Made my Musically account @reallyahmed and posted my first video… Ended the day with 13 Fans and 44 views on my first video.

More to come…stay tuned.


Day 2:

Posting comedy sketches on musically proves to be a tad difficult than what I expected. Apparently when I film…the final product almost always has an Syncing issue with the voice. Probably a minor bug on the camera side

Are you using Android or IOS? I’m not sure but I think it only happens on android


You’re doing better than me. I have 177 views on a video I posted on yesterday but still zero fans LOL!

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Android…I really should have gotten an iPhone smh

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Cool. :blush: I just created one too, it’s @daydreamer107.

Followed yaa

Day 3:

I posted a musically and got 9 likes and 184 views

Primarily got help from my engagement group I got goin on Instagram. So if y’all want in holler.

My followers are at 18.