My mum wont let me dress alt style

OK OK so for a while ive seen a ton of girls dressing in alt style (vintage crop tops, jewelry, two front strips of hair dyed blonde, cute makeup, etc) and honestly i love alt style im much more comfortable in my semi-alt style than chav style. anywayy this morning i finally got up annoyed my sisters had breakfast then i texted my mum bcs im too awkward and lazy to talk in person so this is how the convo went

Me: hi do u think i would look good lke this
(insert pic of alt style/outfit here)

mum/mom mom sounds better: what

me: can i dress like that

mom: come downstairs

(i go downstairs)

me: hi so

mom: show me what you’d like to wear

me: me getting hopeful, shows her some images of clothing

mom: yeah right theres no way ur dressing like that

me: kinda disappointed why

mom: that’d make u look like a mess

me: no it wouldnt

just arguing

me: ok what would U want me to wear

mom: what ur mates at school wear

(theyre chavs and they arent my friends lmao)

me: i give up aight bye

goes up to my bedroom where i am rn



WHAT IS WRONG WITH DRESSING ALT? It’s the cutest shit ever

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This doesn’t really solve your problem but i’m curious about something. What are styles like in school these days? When I was in school we had like goth, emo, scene, punk, prep, geek, dirt. Some others but you get the point. (I had a goth phase in school. My wife had a punk. We kept bits of the style though. )
Anyway, ya, what are styles like in school now?


lol like crop tops and crop sweatshirts for like everyone. uHm large hoodies, jeans, converse or vans. that’s what a lot of people at my school wear might be different at other schools

im british, so we have uniforms but people mainly wear adidas jackets, joggers, jeans, tshirts n that

My mom was really restrictive when I was your age, I totally understand this feeling. I wanted to be goth/emo at that age so bad, but my mom wouldn’t even let me get a hair cut. By high school I was sneaking out constantly and hiding clothes/makeup from her. I led a second life-- parents need to understand that being too controlling is a good way to raise good liars lol.

It was so hard in that day because GenX policed us teen millenials SO HARD on our clothing/music. I really really hope that us alt millenials don’t treat you guys the same way. Alt spaces should not be gatekept. You deserve to identify with a counterculture without being scrutinized for how you look.

So with that in mind, I want to say that clothes don’t define a movement, and you are alt and valid despite what you wear! Alt is an attitude, not just a style! I am happy I learned that about Goth, wish I’d known it as a teen.

Of course you still want some cool clothes, all of us do… I recommend getting income if your parents will let you have a job, start saving money and build your own wardrobe. Thrift/secondhand is good, a lot of stuff “mean” parents will let you buy can be cut up/dyed to make it look more alt (safety pins on EVERYTHING lol). Also creating your OWN look is the most alt move of all!

Ultimately things will be easier if you don’t try to hide and sneak things. Some parents toss rooms (mine did) and they freak out if they find clothes they don’t like. You can hide stuff at school or at a friend’s house, but you will likely still get caught. You know your parents and can guess their reactions better than me, so be safe and make good choices.


U w0t m8

“chav style” gave it away

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I can’t relate to this problem at all

My parents didn’t police my style at all and I still turned out super lame


Ngl but i just had this convo with some mates earlier today lol.

Bruh this is one of those major disadvantages of being a girl. But yeah its sad how girls get told what to wear and not what to wear by parents. I hope when youre older youll finally be free and get to dress how you want cause i totally relate to that so much.

Also its a little hypocritical for you mum to not let you dress like that when even girls on Disney were dressing like that in the early 00s…cough Kate from Lizzie McGuire cough. Heck even her mother probably dressed like that in the 70s. But yeah it sucks how parents can be strict and dictate the way we dress at times. Like bruh i just turned 21 and my mother still gets onto me for how i dress sometimes. :weary:

i- what- huh-

same my mom hates that im emo it’s so annoying
like so what i am who I am.