My mom has a brain tumor



I’m sorry that I didn’t write this earlier. After you said that your mom didn’t want to take treatment I couldn’t find the right words because I really felt that situation. All I can really say is make her a happy women and I hope you are doing at least ok with all of this.


@allintheory Amanda I feel what your going through. I went through it myself from 2011-2014. Make everyday count. Make sure you care for yourself too. Always be positive, find humour, find love, and find hope.

There are many as you can see here. Community will always help.


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my mom is ok with me sharing this for anyone who is curious or has gone through something similar.

right now the only option is radiation to reduce symptoms for however long she has. it could be weeks to months. if she hadn’t made it to the hospital she would be gone. grateful for the little time we have left, though it’s never enough.




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Thank so much for sharing. By the video, your mom seems so cool. No wonder you turned out amazing :heart: hang in there :pensive:

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