My main concern with Byte (and how we might resolve that)

So Byte is gonna do its thing and it’s clearly going to be a TON of fun. I’m really excited and I think it’s definitely going to be a great place to be… at least to start.

The main thing I’m worried about is that a lot of people will be extremely hesitant to download the app.

The biggest thing that will keep most people from downloading Byte is their worry that it’s just going to be a “wannabe” vine. That people are just trying to relive the glory days of what once was, and this app to them will share the same fate and have to get shut down.

The second biggest thing that will keep most people from downloading Byte is the fear that it will be cringy like Tik Tok.

Our job once Byte is to make SUPER sure that we are in it for the right reasons. We just have to stay genuine and do our own thing. If we try too hard to recreate vine it might push potential users away. We need to form a welcoming, diverse, non-cringey community. Which is essentially what we already have! We just have to persevere and nurture the community within the app.

Just my 2¢, and my main worry. People LOVED vine. It was huge. This app can be great too, but for its own unique reasons.



I agree with everything you said except for the cringe factor. Every app and every community has their own cringe / less appealing side and it’s not it’s there on purpose but it just grows out of what’s trendy. (Example being the hit or miss TikTok videos) Forcing byte to be as vine will make the app less pleasurable to use imo.


I agree and it seemed like, from my point of view, that all the cringey content on Vin e was forced humor and people forcing to be “relatable”. If we stay genuine like you said and true to ourselves, I think Byte will really do well and have less cringey posts.


There’s so much love, work and attention going into this app. It’s gonna change the game for sure.
But you’re right. The creators have some work to do…


Vine became what it was because of the community this community is one of the strongest ones I’ve ever been apart of ! Think positive and positive things will come your way! #ByteFam

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All we have to do is create. :slight_smile:

As long as we put the effort in and help the app grow we will be just fine :wink:

Like if you are constantly refreshing the forums :joy: waiting for the bulletin



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tik tok is known for “lip syncing”

byte isn’t trying that, so the “cringe factor” doesn’t transfer


I believe Vine’s success is one that they can try to replicate in certain aspects, but not completely replicate. I think it’ll will be a very polarized launch; you’ll have the people wanting Vine back, and people wanting “the next big thing.” So I’ll be hard to make EVERYONE happy, but I think Byte will be just fine.

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Glad to see you back! And I agree. Even though this is like vi*ne 2.0 originality and being different is always recognized


I think this will work and will be the best community

Ultimately its up to the creators to maintain the balance within the app and make it great, our dedication is what will bring everything together keep the content genuine and the community positive and lively

The best way to prevent Byte from being a wannabe app is to play to its strengths. Both Tik Tok and Vine had unique styles because the format and rules of the apps are slightly different. We have to step away from these apps and think of Byte as a whole new thing. We have to experiment and figure out how we can make content that is unique to Byte.


Amen to that! It’s in our hands!