My issue with the current state of byte and what I hope to come from it

So there is a few things I want to bring up.

1.) the influx of new users and the bullying

today, byte was number one on the social networking list in the app store, which is great! Loads of new users are always welcome, however, with the influx of younger users comes the critique of younger users.

Now, I have been around since vine was a thing, and NEVER in my life have I seen such negativity and toxicity on a social media platform. I woke up this morning to notifications that my profile was gaining traction but mixed in those notifications were comments telling me to kill myself, to stop posting and other various harassment.

Now these comments don’t bother me because, for me, its easy to just delete comments and block these users, but for a new byte user or any byte user out of the loop, these comments can make someone seriously discouraged. Not to mention those with mental illness that may not cope with this bullying as easily as others.These kids are just spamming the same hate comments across all trending, semi popular videos and the latest tab. We should put a cap on how many identical comments can be made within a certain amount of time to limit this spamming.

2.) Changes being made to byte in the future

Aside from the bullying, a vast majority of the new users I’ve come across are bashing the app saying it’s a knock-off tiktok. A lot of these new users are dismissing it without giving it a chance. Some users asking “should we get on another app because this is embarrassing” A lot are asking for tiktok features when this isn’t a tiktok app.

While I applaud byte for adding an “alt tiktok channel” I am worried about the new poll put in place.

If you haven’t seen, a link to a poll recently started popping up on the top of the home page when you first get on the app. This poll asks users what they would like to be put in place.

While some of these options I’m in favor of (liking and replying to comments, bookmarking videos, DM’s) there are quite a few options that would make byte nearly identical to tiktok (Duets, sounds for videos, green screen).

The appeal I always found in vine was that it forces you to use your creativity to the fullest in order make content. Making something unique within a time constraint only using what’s around you is such a cool concept. When vine shut down, I was sad that no other apps offered such a service.

I downloaded tiktok when it first launched in hopes of making the same type of sketch/joke based content vine offered, but I was immediately greeted with mostly music based videos. The jokes/dialogue was typed out and mimed, meanwhile a majority of the time, the music was the punchline. One of the big appeals for tiktok users was the ability to play music and audio in order to supply the main part of their video(to dance to it or to lip sync to it). It wasn’t the same. Not to mention, if someone made a joke, someone could take the audio to that tiktok, lip sync the joke and then take credit for the same joke. It came across as lazy. So you can bet your beautiful behind that when byte was announced, I was enthralled to see the vine format had returned.

Jumping on Byte for the first time and seeing people make sketch comedy with their actual voices, as well as showing off other creative talents, was a sigh of relief. The format I loved as a teenager had returned for a new era. It stood out from tiktok because people were forced to be creative to the fullest in order to make content. Byte stood out as its own type of social media.

If byte does want to add features, it should have the things that vine had before shutting down(DMs, user audio that gets beat matched for looping, plus longer videos for verified users). If Byte does add a duet/collab feature, I think it should go this route:

-Users would be able to choose who they want to collab with
-they would send out a request to collab
-if the request is accepted, users can record and share their videos in a folder.
-videos can be placed on a timeline to be trimmed and arranged
-one user at a time can edit the video and it can be exported to be posted on a user’s profile.

this request collab button can be placed in the byte video upload tab.

In my opinion, this should be Byte’s way of dueting/collabing instead of tiktok’s split screen collabs.

I really hope Dom and the team don’t crack under the pressure and add all of the tik tok features because a bunch of kids flooded the app and demanded it. I get you should aim to please the majority, but byte should still be a stand alone app that’s unique. Adding features to imitate another app entirely defeats the purpose of having separate apps.

From the poll, which future features do you like and which features are you opposed to and why?

That all being said, I wish you all the best, I hope everyone is staying safe. if anyone needs anything, my DMs are always open

your friendly neighborhood idiot,

new kids like to spam bully and its stinky
spam bullying needs to stop

kids are also demanding byte to transform to alternative tiktok
I think byte should be byte
collab feature would be cool tho :relaxed:


YES! I agree. Byte is its own thing. It’s not tiktok and even though it’s based off it, it’s not vine. I also hope it doesn’t become other apps because of pressure


i 100% agree and feel the same way with all of what you said!

here’s an idea by @Super about collabs, which is similar to yours:

i think it could work well


Dude, you just took the words out of my mouth. I agree so fucking much with this. I love byte, and it’s still a unique experience that you can’t really get anywhere else. Even if some want to call it another Vine or “Watered-down Tik Tok” (Which, to be honest, hurts to say.)

Liking comments, Replying to them, Speed improvements, DMs, and etc. are all a given at this point in social media and I feel are the biggest priority when it comes to things in the poll that will improve the app. Here’s what I think on some options I’m either really enthused about or could do without.

Upload your own audio
This is one that really… reeks of Tik Tok, for lack of a better word. I’m a little mixed on it, since I do prefer the more DIY approach Byte and Vine give/gave when it comes to making a post, but part of me also thinks it would be more convenient to put a song of yours if you’re a musician trying to promote your song, for example. Though, I really do prefer the former since it’s not like editing tools don’t exist.

Not interested/dislike button
I’m very interested in the “not interested” option (Ironic, I know.) If it would help tinker with the algorithm and help tailor the Your Mix section, I’m for it. I also wouldn’t mind Dislike buttons to go along with Like buttons, even on stuff like comments.

Popular Music to bytes
The only use I feel that this would serve is for migrating Tik Tok dancers. And, I don’t know how big the dancing crowd on Byte is, to be honest. If it even exists at all.

Increase Time Limit
People should understand why the time limit even exists. It serves as a source for creativity out of limitation. 16 Seconds is probably good and I personally don’t see an increase of it necessary.

More Profile Customization
More Text Options


Licensing those songs are… expensive.

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