My iPhone 6S Suddenly Stopped Working Properly

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has connected with me so far on byte. My analytic performance so far has exceeded my highest expectations. I still can’t believe people are watching my content and liking my bytes.

Unfortunately, as of this morning, my iPhone 6S is no longer able to playback audio through the phone speakers – and, after speaking with Apple support, I will have to purchase a new iPhone sometime very soon.

Because I am unable to playback audio on this phone and because my phone battery is nearly 75% permanently depleted, I will be unable to upload any bytes today and possibly the next few days.

Again, I appreciate everyone who has connected with me on this app, followed me, and liked my bytes – and I hope I’m not letting anyone down by not being able to post for what should be a short while.

I love seeing all the bytes that people have created. So much creativity on this platform! :smiley:

Once I get a new iPhone, I look forward to putting out new content for you and also watching to see what you have created.

And if you haven’t seen my bytes yet, I’m @paullopez on the byte app.