MY GOAL IS 100k subs on my YouTube WE CAN DO IT!

Heyyyyoooo!! Check out my channel and subscribe please if you do you are AMAZING and if you don’t you are still AMAZING :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: my channel is called Living Like Lizzie (please check it out)

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Hey there Elizabeth, as someone that’s grown very big on Instagram, there are a few tips I have that would improve your channel.

Remember one important thing and you’ll be successful in making videos: Content is King.

If you don’t have the highest quality videos possible, it will never work. With that being said, make sure that the videos that you are uploading are very enjoyable to watch. Watch your own videos, if you can’t manage to watch it without losing your attention towards it… something is wrong.

The same process goes with Instagram, Twitter, etc. People think that asking others to subscribe to them and doing shoutouts with other people is the way to go, in reality this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Good luck in making your videos!

  • Chris

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