My followers active period

You know what Guys!, I was wondering if Byte could come up with a feature that shows a Creator the time of the day where most of his/her followers are very active. I think this feature will go a long way in helping Creators know their prime time and to capitalize on it.

Does anyone see in my direction?:smile:


Yess maybe in an in depth analytics page like on YouTube :pleading_face::pleading_face:


That would be Amazing, as they should put it on the Stats and maybe it would be better if they make it Specific for only content creators.

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You’re on point :100:

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Very well :blush:

:fire::call_me_hand:, yeah maybe content creators with a Level of followers should get it as an Achievement. There should be Content creators Achievements that helps them to get more followers, that would be amazing as it would inspire people to gain those achievements.

This has been asked before and I believe it’s something the team has planned. Engagement Megathread

While I would love to utilize and in depth stats screen, you guys all know you can find this information out by posting, right?

I have found out some things from experimenting the last few months and what I can tell you guys is that a videos life has about 12-24 hours to succeed or else it will fade out quickly. However, one interesting thing is that there is a workaround for this… If you make good videos, people will like them at all times of day.

Byte hacks


I love it