My First Actual Byte Forum Post

Is this on?

Hello my name is Señor Pequeños on Byte (I do comedy, voice impressions/acting, & singing). This is my first actual forum post.

I have been undeservedly blessed with being selected for the Byte partner program that started back in April (indicated by the handshake logo in the top right corner of my profile) and I want to use any remaining reach I have to have a chat with the people that I love. Most people call me Señor or, if you prefer, my real name is Daniel (a very select few call me Mr. Sexyredcheeksdaddy but you have to earn that right). If anyone wants to know who I am instead of just an unfunny Byte millenial lol.

I was blessed to have been randomly selected for the first ever beta & I have been posting regularly on Byte for a little over a year now. I have posted at least one video daily since the final beta trial started. I am just a regular guy from the Midwest with depression/anxiety who didn’t fit in anywhere & had never done any form of social media before & wanted to try. As a mechanical engineer & project manager for motors/robotics I didn’t think I’d be any good at it, and I wasn’t for a long time. I don’t consider my videos to be ‘good’ now, but it’s undeniable that they improved over time. If you look at my earliest posts (I have kept them up) they are absolute shit and filmed on a shitty camera. As time went on and people supported me out of the goodness of my heart, I filmed more vids. The more vids I filmed the more practice I got and the more confidence I had in my abilities on camera. I started practicing my special effects and editing a lot more as well. Through the support of an insanely kind community I found myself comfortably making new, daily comedy videos where before I was struggling to even come up with one idea. I then started a Tiktok at the beginning of April and (while struggling with bans) the support on there has been tremendous as well. I hope my profile is proof to someone, somewhere that you can start with nothing and suck at social media, but if you work hard and practice you CAN get better at making videos and I believe you can.

I still remember my first video ever to hit 50 likes. I still remember my first collaboration. I still remember my first vid to hit #1 on popular now. The numbers didn’t matter but what mattered to me was that people enjoyed it. After being on byte for more than half a year release finally came which was crazy but great. Worlds of creativity opened up & I got to see so many friends who were underrated finally get noticed for being amazing. Eventually the hype died down and we were back to small numbers but I continued to post as usual. Then I was blessed with the opportunity to be a Byte partner which is more than I ever thought possible. I did not deserve it, it was 100% a gift. Lots of others I knew should’ve been in my spot.

I am ONLY where I am because of the kind community here of byters. People that gave me a chance when they didn’t have to, people that commented love when they didn’t have to. People that took the time to message me when I was down. People that wished me happy birthday at midnight when people I’ve known for years just forgot. They took time out of their day to spread kindness to me wanting nothing in return which is more than I receive in my real life. When I started byte I was battling a disease, ulcerative colitis, for years. We didn’t know if I’d ever be in remission. I was starting to worry about it taking years off my life. But thank God because I was able to finally get to remission, and what was an insane extra was that I got to celebrate it with thousands of people on an app who have never met me. Through this I got to meet so many others struggling with diseases, struggling with losing loved ones to disease, struggling with having their KIDS have diseases, it was beautiful. THAT’S what I’ve been doing this for. Never about the numbers. Always about the personal connections. If after all this work, I could only make one person laugh at 3am curled up in the corner so they felt like they weren’t alone and could forget about life for a second, I feel like this was all worth it. If I could just channel that joy in others, maybe then we could really change the world for the better. Ever since I started this, I only ever wanted to bring that same level of positivity & kindness to the world that Byte brought to me, and to take it to whomever would have it. People are famous now for being bullies, abusers, and only caring about themselves never using their platform for good, and I may have been naive, but I thought maybe we could change that here. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Users became acquaintances, acquaintances became friends, friends became family. I got to meet idols of mine from Vine and Youtube and every interaction was special. I got to laugh, smile, and cry with people who actually enjoyed what I enjoyed. For once I felt like I belonged somewhere. For once it didn’t matter that I’m a skinny guy who knows nothing about guns, hunting, or trucks in the Midwest. I got to see so many unique visions of the world through other people’s eyes, which enriched my own life. For once I felt like love was truly winning.

Even though Byte was tiny, I still wanted to use it for good as much as possible. I was able to do some positivity challenges where people just commented compliments to others on the app. These challenges still have some of the most commented videos on the app which just showed the amazing potential the community had. As time went on we were able to use the app to walk alongside those who went through family tragedies, graduations, marriages, those affected by COVID, and even got to see friends recover from it (Love you iammrmeehan). For someone who has never been a part of anyone’s community my whole life, this was something new and cool to me. As beta ended, release came, I wanted as many new people to get on here and experience the magic that I had experienced.

So to all the new people: welcome! I truly am happy you’re here though I’m sorry its under the possibility of tiktok getting banned.

That being said the last two days have been heavy for me. I never thought I’d see this much hate on here and it breaks my heart. I realize the app is developing, I realize its not tiktok at all, and I know that’s disappointing, and I realize most people think they’re being funny with comments, but you’re really missing out honestly. These are people that would’ve accepted you and all your fears and insecurities and embraced them, just like they did me. These are people that have been rooting for you to be on the app for forever. And the best part about them is, THEY ARE STILL TRYING TO SUPPORT YOU ALL THROUGH ALL THE HATE cuz that’s just who they are. Sure we’re all old and whatever, but when you see an old person just remember that these people have families, kids, jobs, and they still take the time to respond to dumb comments with love because they really care. Some of these people, and so many I have had the chance to get to know, are struggling with losing their job, losing their house, losing a loved one, not knowing how they’re going to get food a month from now AND THEY STILL POST HERE AND COMMENT ON YOUR STUFF like I don’t know how they do it, I’m like crying right now.

I have gotten dozens of messages from other creators, big and small, that were already on Byte in tears because of stuff people had said to them the past two days. People calling them n-words, whores, pedophiles, telling them to kill themselves, telling them they should get raped, telling some people to go hang themselves in the street like. Fuck me. And to see these beautiful people with stories to tell, with lives to share, with voices that need to be heard, leaders in the #blm movement, quitting the app and leaving breaks my heart. Nothing hurts worse to people than feeling like you don’t belong. That’s all anyone really ever wants is to belong to somewhere, to be loved for being uniquely you, and to be with people that love what you love. At the end of the day we all want to be George Bailey from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ to have someone propose a toast & say “to my big brother George…the richest man in town.” And to look around the room and realize everyone there is there because they truly love and care about you. The byters that are being hurt don’t want your attention, they just want to be friends.

I know no one is reading this because it’s so long but I’m begging you, if you’re new and you’re still here, from me, a millenial or whatever the fuck I am, please give the people on this app a chance. Don’t comment hate, as a joke or to be serious or whatever. The comment bar literally says “say something nice.” You have the power to make or break someones day. You have the power to make someone feel like they have a place in this fucking crazy ass world. Give them a chance and I KNOW they will give you a chance.

People can look at me and say “this guys old and has a job why does he care so much this is literally a new app in development” but I care because, while small and maybe broken, I see so many people on here that can change the world. And you can too. But we’re not going to do it by taking sides or factions and making fun of others. You may say people take it too personally, but you have no idea what is going on in people’s life. Someone commented ‘go kill youself’ on someones video who’s brother just commited suicide two days prior. You know what people are guaranteed not to be hurt by or take personally? Love. Just try it. Even if you don’t mean it. How are we going to fix the world if we can’t even be kind to people on a still developing app. I still believe in Byte’s potential even if it doesn’t happen. Meanwhile I’m going to turn off notifications and maybe take a break from the app, we’ll see. But we can make something cool guys, we can take down the shit system of the world. We & you can be more.

And it starts with: “say something nice”

“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.”

Love you all


This means so much. :heart::pleading_face:


I can’t stop crying


You’re a babe.


Awhhh Daniel… People don’t know what they’re actually saying and they are out of their minds but.

I am with you! :heart:


Leading the way with love as always! Beautifully written. Thank you Daniel :heart: we all needed this today!


Tearing up :heart: I’m with you on everything you’ve said. It’s been a shock for sure. A few weeks ago we were doing a #byteball hashtag literally just to comment nice things on other’s posts and hype people up and now it’s very different. Hope the people that actually like the app and community will stay and instead of trying to make it into TikTok 2.0, make this app into it’s own unique community. I also have a career outside of all this I’m pursuing, not related to entertainment or social media at all. So it’s unfortunate to see people reacting to my Bytes as if every single one was supposed to be made to please them, when I made them for myself. Like yeah it’s kinda stupid that I married my plants lol, but I just wanted to do it and I had a fun time making that video. Hope things will settle down soon and maybe with new updates and changes it can make the app a place where smaller communities can coexist and niches form. Most of the gen z bytes aren’t my thing, just like a lot of my videos aren’t theirs, but we can all exist here.


yo man :sob::sob: this hits different

this is why you’re the face of byte :heart:


We love you Senor :pleading_face:


yeah it really is a shame but I don’t think it will last. it’s just like in january when byte was released. The first byte “trend” was hating on tiktok and now the rolls are reversed and now preteen girls are hating on byte. When byte first came out a wave of new users came in to “check it out” and then most of them left. same thing is gonna happen with this new wave and the good original og byte content will come out on top again and so will the good vibes and supportive community


Dude the time and effort you put into your posts is astronomical. We all love you and are so happy that you represent the app. Your positive, passionate, hilarious, and darn neat one of the most supportive creators on the app. The amount of times I’ve seen you engage with posts is wild you are everywhere.

I hope this toxicity and hate goes away soon, I hope everyone realizes what this app is about and what the community is about.

Much Love
The Lemur :call_me_hand:t2:


Dude, you inspired me and actually brought me to this platform, you’ve done so much for this community as a whole. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have really posted.

Thank you for being you,

Much love,


This is…This is it. :heart:
I love you…all of you. Remember that.


this fully made me sob, wow. i felt this post so deeply.

you are so inspiring and kind, daniel! such an amazing person with the purest soul, you really do make so many people feel loved and appreciated. thank you :sob: keep being you.

we love you! :blue_heart:


Daniel, man don’t worry about what others are saying.:zipper_mouth_face: You were chosen for a reason Your videos are funny asf. All of the Negativity that’s been going around is just insane, The OG BYTE COMMUNITY IS A BIG FAMLIY :pray: we All have got to stay strong :muscle: and United :handshake:…Just because we all don’t follow each other doesn’t mean we don’t have each other’s back WE GOT THIS YOU GUY :heart: Daniel if you read this stay strong :muscle: my dude


We love and support you Daniel! :heart:


You said it perfectly. I remember the happiness I felt when you liked one of my earlier Bytes and I thought “wow this guy’s really funny and he liked my video?? I must be doing something.” I make my videos for fun but seeing that it makes even the funniest people enjoy them I feel the love so much. Thank you for sharing this post :,) much love :heart:


No worries mate, we’ll stand guard until you get back


Love you bro! You already know I’m a couple of hours away from you so feel free to reach out. We’ll be here waiting for your return :pray:t4:


This got me like :hugs::yellow_heart: