My Fellow Byters

*My fellow byters!*

I’ve spent my entire life feeling lost, searching for who I am.

Wondering, if I…

I’m sorry, this isn’t about me, this is about all of us.

Whether you’re a Beta OG or are a newbie coming to visit from another platform you likely came here for 1 of 2 reason or maybe both.

  1. Because you wanted to have the ability to express your own personal brand of creativity without being told “you have to be creative in a certain way.”
  2. You wanted to meet other creative people like yourself and you found them!

So, here we are.

For years, some folks said byte would never be a thing but we knew better.

Things are a lot different in 2020 than they were in 2012.

which means there is no sure fire way to create a video looping social media app and say “here it is, come get it.”

Thus isn’t much different than us growing up as creators, testing, pivoting and reaching to find out how we can make our creativity work for us!

We are the next wave of creators and together we are strong!

I know all of the recent changes on byte have been scary.

I for one was very critical of the 16 second time limit, along side many however there were also many others that felt the 16 second cap was the way to go.

As a community, we must be respectful of both sides of the argument and move forward using reason and logic, our hearts are in the right place but we have to make sure our actions are too.

We can’t fully understand a feature, an algorithm or a format until it’s tested repetitively by all of us.

I believe in every one of you, the comedians, the artists, the musicians, the filmmakers, the editors, the animators, etc.

Remember, the app is still small, don’t worry too much about engagement, focus on creating and being part of the community!

As we grow together as a family of creators, so to will byte!

Much Love, your fellow Byter


Totally agree with you


Thank you! Glad you agree Shanks!


Agreed bro, we’re in this together :muscle:t4:


I can’t express how much I absolutely love this! Thank you for issuing this message of truth, hope, and encouragement! :heart::blush::heart:


It’s something I wanted to write for a while, I’ve been trying to find the right words to say!

Thanks you, glad you enjoyed it!

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Yessir, 100%!

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Couldn’t have said it any better :relaxed:


Neefers loves his Byte family, very very much :purple_heart: nicely said:)


Thank you!!


Well said my guy, well said :100: :100: :100:


I’m not crying you’re crying :sob: Thank you Jordan, needed to hear something like that today. I never considered myself as a creator more of a spectator. But Byte has given me the opportunity to make things and for that I’m grateful.


No thank you! Thank you for making good content and being yourself!

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Thanks man :pray:


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Agreed :fire: