My feed algorithm feels like it struggles to show people I actively like

I love Byte, but I feel like as is, I’m having trouble seeing Bytes by creators I really love and engage the most - people I rebyte regularly, or comment on or comments on my own thing.

Often times, to get exposed to their stuff, I just wait until they engage with me, then I remember their account and go through their feed and a lot of times I’ll notice that there are 2-3 or more videos I missed.

Meanwhile, I’ll often see people who post or rebyte other bytes prolifically (which isn’t exactly bad, but also I feel like drowns out others). I really don’t like “for your consideration” posts, because I feel like most creators who are on the “top” of the feed aren’t really my type of content. It’s also really repetitive, I’ll scroll past user [XXXX] 100 times that’s given “for my consideration” and not really engage in their posts in any way and it still doens’t change these suggestions.

I feel like the community is why I like Byte and I understand the algo is really volatile right now, but also that I’m feeling a little more distant from the community than I did a week ago. (lol, such a long time)

This can also be a bias in which I was exposed to a lot of new users really quickly and had their entire library of stuff to look at and so the base of “quality” videos has naturally dwindled.


I agree.


I have been wondering if you have found your son.


Aaron, your bites show up often in my feed and I think I have liked all of them for whatever that is worth. They show up sometimes multiple times.


That’s the worst thing, I’ve been on every feed and still haven’t found my son


Aaron, you remind me of a couple of offline “tech” coding friends I have at Google.

I use “rebytes” as a way of “bookmarking” my favorite people. That is one option to consider.


True… I have Never found any of my posts on a of the feeds


I rarely see the latest byte from the people I follow, i care. Most of the byte are from someone else… and My byte videos rarely get the jackpot of the update algorithm. Oh well.

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Honestly, what I’ve been doing is just going to users I like who are in my general circle and going through their re-byte feed. It gets me close to what I want.