My experience with the 16-second feature

I’d like to share my humble thoughts for the 16-second feature now that I have tried it for my last two videos (down below). I think it’s a sound feature for some videos as they might require a few more seconds to make the video better in general. It’d be better though to have an 8-second and 16-second options when you wanna take a video from the app itself instead of just one option (which is the 16-second as of right now). Yeah you can take an 8-second video from the app but without the 8-second restriction option, you wouldn’t know if it’s really 8, more or less.

What do you think of these two almost 16-second bytes? Do you think that they are 16-second long and they should be less, or you wouldn’t really care about that as long as the content is enjoyable? Your feedback is highly valuable.

Much love to you all :yellow_heart:

I think the ideas behind both of the bytes were good!

Now here comes the criticism:

  • First part of the 1st one could have had more interesting shots. I do feel like those first 10-seconds could have been used better.
  • I feel like the 2nd one could have been done in 8-10 seconds. It feels really long to get to the punchline and when it did, it was a struggle to rewatch.

I don’t really care as long as the content is enjoyable but if a byte is around 16 seconds, I do expect it to be something that couldn’t be done/executed well with the old 8-second format. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to watch it again.

Much love! :yellow_heart:


I highly appreciate your positive feedback :100:

I felt bad I made you struggle for that second part :sweat_smile:

Thank you much bro :yellow_heart:

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I like the ideas behind both of them. Both legitimately good ideas.

That being said: I do think both could’ve been executed better in a shorter format.
Here’s why: The viewer doesn’t need that much of the song to get the jokes here. Putting too much time into the lead up, especially with jokes that lean heavily on musical material, is exhaustive and it tends to lose peoples interest quicker.

For example, this was my personal initial response to both:

First video I stopped watching before I even got to the end and didn’t realize it was more than just watching you jam out until after I read what @colinkiama had to say, it was only then that I went back to watch the whole video in its entirety.
Second video I didn’t watch until, once again, I had already read what Colin had said. I started it with the knowledge that I had gained not only from Colin’s critique but from your previous video…so I waited through it the first time, but a good half of the song you use initially could be cut down.

Now, if you really wanted to use the 16 second format for these, Colin’s suggestion for more interesting shots comes into play…and it a very valid and important piece of advice. Though I usually only do aesthetic type material when I am using music and I don’t use it so much for humor…it still applies…and as such, I try to keep my clips under 3 seconds a piece for music focused. I try to make the clips entertaining or aesthetically pleasing to watch.

If you wanted to add layers or depth to it (as these are both very cut and dry in the field of depth) you could add things that would be comical just in what you are doing in the lead up.

Remember that with a longer format, you need to grab and keep the viewers attention…or people will scroll away from it in the first 3 seconds.
A lovely, and rather humorous example of this is @RayRayLego’s most recent byte. It’s longer, yes. But he immediately throws in something that makes you chuckle. Right off the bat, you are giggling.

:blush: It’s a great concept, just tailor it a little and you’ll be golden!


Thank you a lot for this great feedback :100:
Yeah they could’ve been executed much better with less seconds.
I’ll definitely take your and Colin’s advice into action for next videos.
Much love :yellow_heart:


Thank you so much for that very sweet compliment, my friend! It is much appreciated and very useful moving forward on how I can gain and retain attention. I personally am going to be making my lengths all over the place, so as not to force 16 seconds when 16 seconds is not needed. To me, it’s just whatever fits best for the joke. Timing is of course very important with comedy.

I agree with a lot of the advice given here, @alfardan. Different angle shots and work put into the Byte will help to improve things as people’s minds could often use those changes. We are very quick to want to move on as human-beings so alterations throughout the video and unexpected jokes, scenarios, angles all help to reel us back in.

Mostly I would just say not to force anything, though. Condense the joke when it needs to be condensed. Expand the joke when it needs to be expanded. Have confidence in whichever one you choose and think about the Byte from a viewer’s perspective rather than a creator’s. Make something you love AND they will love and you will win! Good luck, bro!!!


Any time! :upside_down_face:
And same, my content length is kinda everywhere right now. :joy:
Whatever it comes out to be is the length. :woman_shrugging:t3: