My Experience as a Partner

Hey. I’ve been debating whether or not I should make a post about my experience as a partner but here we are. Last day of the partner program so here we go.

I remember when I first got approached to be informed that I was being considered to be a partner. I thought that it was only that; a consideration. It was done through email, and a couple days later I had a phone call with a byte representative. The call was very casual and I was asked about what I did, and a little on my background. I really thought it was just a
preliminary call and that it wasn’t gonna go much further than that; but to my surprise I was sent a contract that same day and became a partner. I was overjoyed; not even from a monetary standpoint but just to be part of this sort of new test that this baby of an app was launching. It’s really not something that you see every day where a new platform tries to immediately start compensating creators even if it was, at the time, a relatively small number of creators. It seemed like Byte’s intention has always been to grow the app in order to allow for more broad compensation and include more creators; so I was honored to be part of that early selection to, hopefully in the future, make it work for everybody.

All official communications for the partners took place through email or the partner category that was set up in the forums, where we got several updates on the program as well as the app itself which I definitely appreciated. Although there was some silence for a couple of months, Dom explained it in one of his recent forum posts which I deemed as totally understandable, and didn’t think much of it (the silence that is).

The opportunity to become a partner in itself was unbelievable, and I never thought that I would be chosen. Given this, I never really tried to cherry pick negative aspects of the program because for me I already enjoyed making content whether or not I was getting paid for it, so now that the program is “paused” I don’t see why I would stop making content.

When the program got announced, and the first pool was released, a lot of people were upset they didn’t get chosen, and stopped making content. I’ve always thought that if you truly enjoy doing something, the money will eventually come, I have helped friends out with shoots for free just because I truly enjoyed what we were doing. Content creation has never been my main source of income, and while it would be nice for that to be the case, I don’t think it’s healthy to obsess over “making it” while stunting other fruitful opportunities.

All in all I truly enjoyed this experience, I got to meet amazing content creators and more amazing people on the app, and I think that holds huge value in and of itself.

I want to once again remind everyone that the app is still VERY young, and will continue to change! We are all extremely lucky (specially beta testers) to watch in real time how this app is evolving, and what it’s becoming. Do what you love, and only stress over things you can control.

Ok this was long, sorry. Bye. - Mauro