My Existence (Avatar Bot)

Hello! Im MrGretto, or on byte, @wo8 or AvatarBot! Iv seen some concerns and questions about me, and how I got the profile pictures, and I will answer them today!

      ------**How did I get all the profile pictures?**-------

Thats a simple one! So all profile pics are stored to a cdn (storage place for files) and are used as links on the app, by just taking the link that the app provides I get a image of your profile picture!

      ------**Why are you doing this?**-------

For fun really! I feel like people need cool to see. So I spent my time making this so people could have fun!

      ------**How are you doing this?**-------

Oh simple really, byte provides the api tools to do so, I just used them!

      ------**Why does your grammer suck?**-------

Never have been the best lol

      ------**How long will this be going on for? And could it happen to me?**-------

as long as I can, if my current account gets banned I may just change some things and redo it. Anyone with atleast 1 post has a chance to being selected, its completely random!

      ------**Supporters of the bot!**-------

this section is dedicated to everyone who likes this project of mine!

282 avatars strong and still growing! Have a good day!


that’s actually really cool! one thing i feel I need to say though, is that if a large number of people feel that the bot/comments is a nuisance, to please not persist with it. it might make it less fun for everyone else : (

i think it’s pretty cool though!


It only comments once and will only use that persons pfp once, i made sure to make it so it doesnt spam someone over and over!

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Ngl if I was just getting started on Byte and got this bot commenting I would think it was funny and yeah a little weird lol.


Its weird until you figure out what it is, lol

Wait sorry I don’t understand. How is this supposed to be fun? You take the profile picture and then comment where?

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I comment on the post letting them know and put their name into the bio, just something cool for the community

If you dont want your pfp used, simply block me! it prevents me from seeing your posts which is how my bot chooses a person!

Interesting. What’s your end goal with doing this? I see you said its for fun so are you going to be doing different things involving this bot in the future?


Dang, didnt think this would be a q and a lol. Well, what i wanted to do was generate videos and post those too so the person gets more attention, still haven’t figured that out yet. So that may happen in the future. I don’t have a end goal, my goal was made once one person commented “cool!”

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I hate to be that guy but the real issue with this is that the API isn’t public. Read the third bullet point of Section 10:

You agree not to do any of the following:
• Access, tamper with, or use non-public areas of the Services;

The byte police are coming for you! :policewoman:

P.S. I’m actually a big fan of what you’re doing. I hope that you continue working on this once there is a public API :3


I got sniped pretty early one (on like the first or second day it was running). Thought it was pretty cool :smile:!


Thank you for the support! I feel as if it is public sense my auth token works for it, its weird.

I think this is more likely a lapse in privatization as opposed to the byte team purposefully making the api public. If it were truly public then they would provide documentation on their website but that’s not the case.


You should really ask before stealing profile pics because not everyone is cool with that.

:expressionless: especially if they didnt see this forum post and get messaged that their profile is taken when they dont want to participate. :neutral_face:


Does the robot have a name? I think we should call him “Pete the profile Picture Bot” or just “Pete” lol.

for 1. I always I made it CLEAR, im not the person. And 2nd, blocking me = no posts i can see which = no way for my bot to find you. Plus its only for 10 minutes and only can happen once. If people are that upset that their pfp are PUBLICLY available on bytes cdn then they can take it up with them

Its called avatarbot, but any name you give it works aswell! :smile:

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Wait a min Mr Gretto I’m confused, I have seen you on byte & I have seen both happy & unhappy byters respond to your presence, my question is how are you not breaking the rules by impersonating & taking our pictures ?

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“my question is how are you not breaking the rules by impersonating & taking our pictures” impersonation isn’t a factor here, cus im not doing it. second, i am breaking the rules against bots, nothing else. I made it clear what I am and what i am doing, if i was impersonating then i would be posting under a individuals name and picture, giving the impression that I am that person. which i am not. If people dont want me using their profile picture, they can block wo8 to prevent the use of their picture

This is actually fascinating.