My Disney Bracket


On Twitter, there’s been a trend where people use a bracket like the one above to determine their favorite Disney/Pixar movie. Above is my bracket. Feel free to discuss with me whether you agree with my picks or you disagree with something. Remember, it’s only my opinion. :wink:

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Mine is Inside Out

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People on Twitter choosing frozen over Moana had me LIVID :triumph::triumph:

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Coco beat out Toy Story!?!?!? But how

In my opinion, Coco’s overall story was a lot more emotional than Toy Story 3, and the attention to cultural detail is astonishing, which is important to me considering my parents come from a Hispanic background. Also, the film is visually stunning. Not saying Toy Story 3 doesn’t look great, but when compared to Coco, it’s very simple.

UM, where is UP?! wait nevermind. but it should’ve gone farther! same with incredibles!

I personally enjoyed Toy Story more than Up, simply because it was more entertaining to watch than Up. I enjoyed Coco just a liiiiitle bit more than the Incredibles, primarily because of it’s great cultural detail and fantastic visuals, but the Incredibles is still one of my all-time favorites (can’t wait for Incredibles 2)!

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Toy story 2 is probs the best movie in the bracket

i know!!

“The lion king” Great movie, I like it more “The incredibles” than “Coco”, Toy Story should won :laughing:

I couldn’t disagree more with your Wall-E/Incredibles pick and your Finding Nemo/Inside out pick. Beauty and the Beast are better than the Lion King. Heck, even Moana is better than the Lion King.

I hate this idea that because something is older, it’s automatically better because it has nostalgia points or something. The Lion King was not this good of a movie. Just a retelling of a story that has already been told literally centuries before. Also, I don’t think it’s fair to have Frozen and Moana go up against each other in the first round. That’s like a 1st seed and a 2nd seed.

I didn’t make the bracket, I just filled in the blanks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah ik I’m sorry :joy:

It’s okay, dude! It’s only my opinion, and it’s totally fine if yours is different. :slight_smile:

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