My dads annoying 😡

my dad put a 9:00 downtime on my phone :pouting_cat: im on my computer but i cant post bytes at 2 am anymore :crying_cat_face: also the computer emojis are ugly


Lmao omg


I’m sorry we will pray for you :pensive::pray:


Tell your dad “Swiper no Swiping” so he doesn’t take your phone smh


Did you put it in rice?


I think the only responsible thing to do at this point is run away, start a new life, get a newspaper route to pay for a studio apartment, attend school online to avoid detection, graduate high school at the top of the class, go to harvard and graduate top of the class again, get an internship with Bill Gates, gain his trust over time, get invited to a Gates family dinner, while you’re there find all his banking and identity paperwork, assume Bill Gates identity, steal his money, return to your dad and bribe him for more screentime on your phone.
You’re welcome.


This seems too specific… did you do that?

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WHAT? Me? No way! Absolutely not! Never…

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Hmm I don’t believe you :scream_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat:

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Now, let’s say hypothetically, you, my mother. Were to give me, your son, your credit card information. So I could make a purchase of 500 robux on the Contrary to what my sister will have you believe, I have done a very good job of doing my chores, including, but not limited to; The dishes, the laundry and the taking out the trash.


I’d say execute the same plan, except target Elon Musk and just BUY Roblox. He’s a weird guy that does weird things so no one will question it.

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Or maybe pretend to be X AE A-XII from the future and steal elon’s money

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hypothetically kfkdjwlbsksdkdnckc

why u try to talk like him? :clown_face::skull:

like who

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Ben Shapiro :skull: He always said “hypothetically” in every debate.

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How do you post a video in here? :eye::lips::eye:

it’s a copypasta i- dhdjsjjs

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Is this how you do it :eye::lips::eye:


it’s on r/copypasta :eye::crazy_face::eye:

You will thank your dad in 10 years time.