My blender animation journey ~ Shadowminer

Recently I thought I would just go ahead and take the leap out of my comfort zone and learn the final thing holding me back from being a good designer. So I have recently started picking up on learning blender animation to start learning how to be a better animator so I decided I would open up a topic as a blog/diary kind of thing and update you guys every now and then along my journey as I learn more things. I have all quarantine to do it so y not lol.

Come back here occasionally to see where I go.

Spinning disc

Today I made a minimalistic spinning music disc! Or a plate… Use you imagination it spins tho! :slight_smile:

The donut now has color and character. The donut is love the donut is life! It spins now! And it green! Donuts! :slight_smile:

Donut GIF-downsized_large


You paid for adobe? :eyes:


Nah dude Blender’s totally free
BUT it’s hands-down the best free animation software, it’s got a team dedicated to improving it constantly :blush:


ye creative cloud give me anything I need for a good price. But blender is totally 100% free. and its open source.

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Cool! Enjoy it!

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Any good learning resources you recommend?

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blender guru on yt. rn im learning how to make a donut.


update I just learned how to kinda make a donut.

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aye post the doughnut when its finished! looks very clean and sleek

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this look cool man. Looks like a frisbee to me

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Update 5/6/2020
The donut now has color and character. The donut is love the donut is life! It spins now! And it is green! Donuts! :slight_smile:

Donut GIF-downsized_large


How to fail on blender? What NOT to do on blender: I was on an ego trip and made this in blender awhile back: (this video was a very very very hard video to make and time consuming and too self centered. (Fail).


Blender is the best 3D software out there. Especially with the recent release of 2.8, the interface is easier to use as well now.
And thanks to people like Andrew Price, we can all have donuts now.


Update 5/7/2020

I made an NES controller spin. Not the best looking controller but I am proud of it. :upside_down_face:


The donut looks delicious! Such a cool skill to learn :sunglasses:


update 5/7/2020 2:03pm est

I made a spinning cell phone then added some snazzy effects on giphy. :slight_smile:


update 5/8/2020

New forum / discord profile pic

New byte / twitter / insta profile pic

this is a really cool journey seeing you learn and venture into different fields

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Never seen a green donut before. U should put sprinkles on it. Rainbow.

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