My background story

my childhood was actually not good, i hardly have any. then around march 2015, i found vine and i really had a good time with till i give up cause i was actually running out of ideas, after it shut down i was struggling a lot with depression, anxiety, and stress. growing up i became more mature at life but still love to have fun with the internet, and i decided to join byte just to have fun with it without worrying what will happen to me in the future and always be myself no matter what.
last reminder, i have plans to do in the future so i’m not gonna use the internet much later then


Hope you stay on the forums and make bytes in the future


thanks for the support

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Wow, thank-you for sharing your story. I hope you make Bytes with us!
We’ve all come from some type of struggle. As long as you don’t let it win. That’s what counts.
Nice to meet you @ernestoadanesparza :+1:

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