My apology video

Hello everyone. Here is my apology video. I wanted to make the byte community better and stronger. I am not a byte partner. I am not a big popular byter. Not too many people noticed my content. But, I do all the bug testing only because I like to help, I like to support creative people like @dom. I created many fake accounts and tested the hashtag trending function. I found out the issue on that hashtag trending and i didnt feel good to not report. However, I deactivated them. I have no intention to cheat the system. I have no intention to make people upset here.

On the other hand, I found out the specific user did not feel guilty to cheat the system. Even though that specific user still believes what he did is nothing wrong and still thinks other people are his haters, I apologies for him. I am extremely disappointed because I used to support him.

I am sorry everyone.


Tony, you have nothing to apologize about, it was his fault for doing this and he ruined it for all of us. You were right to report it as he was doing something just to get his 15 seconds of fame.


it wasn’t your fault like he said I know you’re a good person though for issuing an apology and thats definitely something that show leadership and good faithfulness to the byte community for sure!


This is honestly the purpose of bug testing. It finds the holes that can be exploited by those who are much less honest and well-meaning.



Any loopholes can be fixed in any program with triggers in place to control what’s fraud and what’s not.

Trending hashtags are a huge revenue driver for TikTok, for companies to run campaigns on it (i.e. Chipotle #flipthelid).

Personally, I’m sure the team will put safety measures to control the gaming of the system so that later in the future, honest trending hashtags will be a thing. I’m glad people found the loopholes - just shows the team that “Hey, they found this in beta - now let’s fix it and make it better”. If I were them, I wouldn’t scrap it even though it wasn’t probably hard to do a simple filter query on what’s trending - they just need a few more checks to make it run perfect.

It’s Sunday, Fun Run Day - get outside and run :blush:


Buddy, you did a good thing! This is what beta testing is all about. While no its not nice that someone tried to abuse the feature we like, it isnt your fault. Someone would have reported it either way! Dom and the team are gonna make sure that stuff like this doesn’t happen anymore, but it really isnt your fault. You reported something that was inherently wrong and broken, and now its getting fixed. Im positive trending hashtags will return with safeguards in place so this doesn’t happen again. No need to feel bad! It wasnt your fault, but his.


What are you apologizing for? Testing out new features is what you do! I completely understand that your heart was and still is in the right place. You did the right thing by reporting the exploit! There’s so many positives for what you did! Now Dom and his team can work on a more efficient way to get trending hashtags to work( if they do plan on bringing them back w) please don’t feel bad! What you did was the right thing! Instead of jumping to conclusions, you tested it out yourself! Deactivating all of the sock accounts just further proves you have great intentions!

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