My Account: Characters

I think I want to have some character based skits, using shirts as short hand for them.
I can’t fit all the info in my bio, but I’d like to share it:
Character: Brown Coat
Shirt: Brown shirt that says brown coat in white
Personality: Sensible, the “straight man” has a dvd collection, likes to experiment, try things

Character: Rorschach
Shirt: Blue, with the Rorschach ink blot in black
Personality: Emotional, takes Brown Coats dvd. They are most often seen together

Character: Hammer
Shirt: Green, with the words “This is not a drill” and a picture of a hammer
Personality: Puns. But will hang with the others

Character: Sunny
Shirt: Sunny Dale high school shirt
Personality: Dramatic, competitive, but easy to talk to.

White/black shirt: no character assigned

They all may share multiple person skits, along with irl incidents not counting, as I may be wearing any shirt. Other costumes may appear for say, ‘teacher’ or ‘doctor’

Thank you if you took the time to read this.


yes it is a great idea doing soo!

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