My 3rd and Final Anniversary 🍰

Today marks my 3rd and (unfortunately) final anniversary on this community forum. Happy anniversary to everyone who’s also celebrating their 1st, 2nd or 3rd anniversary on here today! :partying_face: I also wanna thank everyone on here for the amazing 3 years I’ve had with y’all and I hope we’ll all stick together once the Byte and Clash communities have merged!

This year is all about unity so let’s make sure that everybody in the Clash community feels save, welcomed and accepted by us and gets a good first impression of this amazing community! Let’s leave all the hate and bad experiences some of you have with Clash behind in the past and let’s become the best community the internet has ever seen! :blush:

OG Byters, a special thanks to you guys for the amazing 2-3 years together on here. Made some amazing new friends on here, hope to meet y’all irl one day!


It’s my 3rd anniversary too. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already but I equally believe can’t this is the last one :sob:


Happy 3rd anniversary! :partying_face: