My 2 Youtube Channels!

Hey yall! I have 2 youtube channels that ive been working on with some progress but if you wanna check them out here they are:
This channel I do different things. Mukbangs, storytimes, skits, challenges. I’m still experimenting. I didn’t have the time to really make the content that I wanted but now that i quit my job to do youtube and byte full time I, just kidding I have another job but I probably wont get that many hours so i’ll have more time to experiment.
This is my beauty channel. I do makeup, skincare, and hair videos (transitioning hair and natural hair videos) Im extremely proud the progress I made with this channel but I slacked down because of mental health reasons. I’m getting back to it though.

Please subscribe only if you are interested in my content. I know why all want to get our numbers up but engagement is important to me. Thanks for reading!