Mute Button? (for V2)

I didn’t find any posts about this specifically, only about muting in relation to comments, so I wanted to ask what y’all think of a mute button for accounts. Twitter has a feature like this right now and it’s come in handy when there are certain people I don’t want to see on my timeline. I think it would be nice to be able to Mute a person if I’m not interested in their stuff. I don’t feel like blocking people just because I don’t like them or their content.


Dom has said he will do something like that

I think he has confirmed it

I understand you, like a way of muting someones posts, but theres gotta be a way to unmute just incase. I could see this being useful

this is a good question, i am not sure if discourse offers this feature to the forums, but we can surely wait for a moderator/dom’s reply.

if not, maybe we can get one added

Ah! I just corrected myself. I meant as a feature for the V2 app :joy:

gotcha gotcha, well i hope that something along those lines is implemented

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Dom has said he will do something like that

I think he has confirmed it

I think this is definitely worth bringing up. I know for sure Dom has mentioned getting the choice of muting comment on your vines, but he hasn’t mentioned anything about muting accounts (At least to my knowledge). This would be a great feature to have in V2, and I’m sure artist/viewers would utilize a mute button.

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Perfect idea and I hope it is used in V2 like Twitter uses it

He said there will be a nope button if you don’t wanna see someone in your timeline

I made a thread similar to this one and was redirected here by a mod, so:

  1. The ability to mute seeing things like “posts [person you’re following] liked” or “artists [person you’re following] is following”. Twitter, this is directed at you. It’s nice for some people, but really, not everyone wants to see it.
    a. muting likes/suggested artists as a whole in app settings
    b. muting likes/suggested artists on a more individual basis (like in “mini settings” for each artist you follow.)

  2. The ability to mute seeing reposts on your feed. On every form of social media with a repost function (ahem, especially Tumblr) there’s always posts that gain popularity insanely wuickly, end up being reposted by everyone, and then your entire feed is just, that post over and over.
    a. Mute reposts as a whole from app settings so you only see original content on your feed
    b. Mute reposts individually per user, because some people’s entire accounts are basically collections of stuff they think is cool, which is fine, and maybe you want to allow an exception for them.
    (I envision this as the overall settings one being a switch that throws a mute switch for every person you follow, then the individuals being toggling each switch individually. For example if you muted everyone then unmuted one person, that would be easier than muting all but one person individually.)

  3. Unrelated for the most part, but enabling post notifications for favorite artists? That way posts from your favorite artists wouldn’t end up getting “lost in the crowd” along with many other posts and you’d be able to see and find content by your faves quickly.

  4. Muting specific words or tags to easily avoid content that you don’t want to see. Could this be based off of the “source/original post” so that reposters don’t need to assign tags to everything they repost, and only the original poster is responsible for tagging their posts?


Mute would be nice. I know on a lot of other pages, blocking someone means they cant see your things, so their posts will still show up on my explore feeds, even though I have selected “SEE LESS OF THIS” many many MANY times. I would like the blocking feature to basically break all contact, or at least make sure I can avoid seeing certain creators I do not want to. (nothing against them, but I would like to customize my timeline with things I specifically enjoy.) The whole muting hashtag thread deals with this a lot, but I enjoy the idea of a muting button for people

Yes please for a mute button. Sometimes you have friends that you follow, but they just over post. Mute is the way to go!

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Cant you just unfollow them?

Sometimes you don’t want to ruin the friendship just because they post annoying content. and If its someone you don’t know, I use explore feed a lot, and even though I have blocked several people who’s creations I am not fond of, it still pops up because they haven’t blocked me.

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