Musician networking

Hey everyone!! We’re excited to be on the forum and perhaps the beta and get the ball rolling on V2! We’re an alternative beach rock band called REEFER SADNESS and we were hoping to network with other musicians whether you post cover songs or original material, it would be great to support each other and come up together.

Anyway follow us on Instagram at:

And on Twitter at:

We hope to see your beautiful faces on the platform soon!!

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Here’s a thread that’s been started for musicians to connect:

Or you can post in the general social media post:

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Opened again?

I guess since it has been re opened I should enter… :man_shrugging:t2:

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I posted in that one but to me it seemed like she was asking for people who post covers to follow. I started this to see if anyone wanted to collaborate on some level of vines as musicians and I was more focused on networking for musicians of all sorts? Idk

Just trying to cut down on duplicate posts around the same subject. In this case “musicians networking.”

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