Music suggestions?

drop me new music to listen to🙂

What type of music do you usually listen to

Hey maybe move this to the fun section since it does not relate directly to v2.
And I would suggest The Score if you’ve never listened to them

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Hmm music, honestly it’s hard to give new music

Kid Ink Tell Somebody. THE HEAT

what type of music do you listen to

I have a wide variety I like brockhampton, Tyler the Creator, lil skies, landoncube…it goes from bands rap and more so basically everything

Yeah thanks I honestly didn’t even realize that topic

I like listening to Rich Brian and $uicideboy$

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I’ve listened to $uicideboys but I haven’t really listened to Rich Brian. Thanks🤙🏽


no problem.

i recommend new big sean album, and geazy album

I recommend a group called Marian Hill and a specific song called “Down”. I came across it somehow and it stuck with me :musical_note::musical_note:

Oldie & analog 2 by odd future

The 1975, Years and Years, Phantom Pop, and Charlotte Foote are really good.

you should listen to some khalid :>
here’s a song by him i’m listening to right now :

  • Patches
  • Marcioz
  • Kill Bill: The Rapper

Been calling by Maleek AMAZIGN VIBES

Also amazing topic bc i need some new music too