Music Review Concept for v2

I’m looking to create short music review/reactions on v2. Anybody else here in the music review/blogging niche? Would love to connect to work out this idea with other similar artists. :heart:

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I think could work… it would have to be quick but you could also link your YouTube channel that reviews songs??

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Wow, you think it could work in 6.5 seconds? Or planning on posting a preview to your YouTube video?


That’s the thing if I had a chain of production in regards to my album reviews, a video on YT about it would be last since it takes me a week or so to make one. A full written review on my blog, quick thoughts on Twitter, and this v2 structured content would be first.

Plus I’m all for cross promo, so many thanks for the idea to put something of the sort in that 6.5 timeframe. Though, I like to generally post “exclusive” content that you can only see if you follow me on a certain platform, which is always built natively for the platform in question.

I think this will be something that I won’t be able to iron out until I put it into practice lol.

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I’m actually thinking of whipping some “prototypes” up and linking them on this forum, because I can visualize exactly how I’m going to go about doing this. It’s just hard for me to put into words lmao.

I think that feedback will be crucial, so it’s great you all are here to help!


In 6 seconds? It will be a challenge

Only Music would be a little too short but if you do some edits on video with music that would be cool and ill be the first follower :wink:

You could just use certain words you’d use instead of full sentences to save time. Idk if you’ll ignore that idea or anything but I hope it works!