Music on Byte Camera 🎵

We need the Option to put music on Byte, This Would be a Massive Update on the app :fire::fire::fire:, I would like to put music on my videos on a more easy way inside the app, like Tik Tok does, but know it’s time for Byte to shine we need this option as it is also going to bring more people into the App.

  • it’s also going to bring Trends As the team already did it with Vine.
  • We need Music :fire::movie_camera::musical_note::fire:

but sounds have been available for a long time tho


There is a difference between sounds and Music :joy:

You can use ‘music’ via sounds. Screen grab your fav song from you tube and you can use the audio in your byte


what if I save myself from doing all that and put music directly from the camera ?
On the other hand, You don’t see the opportunity that the app could have thanks to this ?

Putting music in-app removes the need of getting out of it for adding sounds, Making the video-making more convenient. But compared to the 3 seconds it takes to add a custom sound it’s not that much of a time difference. Maybe later but not now. (edit) also, byte beats are still there too

Literally what I do😭 if I need more precision I use an editor but importing my audio mostly works fine

Why not know ?
I would say that you are holding on to something instead of seeing new updates like this one. I think you are not realizing that this can help the app in so many things, like bringing more people into the app, make things easier in the app, There could be music trends as well as sound trends - there is a big difference between Sounds and Music, the app will look more attractive, as so many other things…

  • why not know is my question?

The beats are awesome but I would like to put Radio music on my videos on the app.

Not now because based on the information I have the byte team is small, this feature could take months to implement. I’m not opposed to the implementation of the feature, I think it would be great. But in my opinion, they should for now focus on polishing the app, making the experience more simple and easy to use, and adding features that are necessary but easy to add. Music could come later, But not now.

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And if we get into royalty music that’s a whole mother can of worms😪

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¿ are you talking about the Tik Tok kids ?


So what are you referring to with "other can of warms” ?

Basically, byte would have to start paying royalties for music meaning more money invested on an app that is not profitable right now.


I see a huge hassle with copyright/ownership/Licensing/royalties ahead for the team If implemented


I understand that the app needs to be polishing with a more simple experience like you said, that’s whay I was talking about adding the feature Music, but you have a point they have to put a lot of money into that. I had been also talking about more updates that the app needs as well as the music one, but I agree with you they should focus on that later. But you have to agree that it’s going to be a massive update on the app.

Yup, if they find out how to deal with royalties and all the stuff that comes with licensed music it would be a great update, But they need to make byte profitable in the first place so that’s why I said later. Would be a great update if added tho.

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They also have already done it with Vine, but I know this happened a long time ago.
This will be a great investment in due course as it is going to help Byte to be the next Big Social Media App on the future.

I see a great investment and I see a great bag of money that the app will have if it is implemented