Music for YouTube? [How?]

I wanted to know what are the rules for putting music on youtube. Like has it got something to do with copyright? I mean how to those popular youtubers have really cool music, but from artists that I have never heard about? HELP ME PLEASE.
I’m so confused, why does no youtuber use music that everyone knows, are they not allowed? Do they have to pay? Hope you know. Thx :kissing_heart::confounded::sweat_smile:

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You will get hit with a copyright strike for using that type of music. If you use a few seconds, you might be safe, but it would be smarter of you to seek out non-copyrighted music


If you use music for another person, you will have a notice of copyright. You have to search music without copyright to be available to use

Some music isn’t copyrighted, and can be used in free will as long as it’s not being stolen or sold. Copyright-free music is a big part of YouTube nowadays, and people use it to boost the enjoyment or engagement of their content

They say if it’s under 30 secs you won’t get a copyright… I think big YouTube’s have music made for their videos so they wouldn’t risk copyright

I have used rockstar by Post Malone in my video “The Robbery” both as the intro and the outro. After a few seconds of uploading my video, YouTube analyses it to see if there is any music. If it does find some, it’ll go ask the label of the owner of the music (In this case Post Malone is signed by Republic Records which is owned by UMG) . YouTube messages me saying that UMG wanted the video to be monetised and YouTube Monetises it. UMG will take 60% of revenue and in the remaining 40, I and Youtube split 45-55.

Watch the video:

YouTube has a selection of non-copyrighted music for anyone to use, which you can learn more about here:

Otherwise, the best thing to do is just wing it. It’s not very hard to find music to use. Just search “non-copyrighted music” on YouTube, and you’ll find something right away.

Definite no’s: Any song that has gone viral / music from a popular artist, music you can find on iTunes, Google Play, etc., and Nintendo music. Any Nintendo music. They really don’t like it when you use their music.